AIM Chatbots

Arales06bot - This bot was created by Aaron Rales.
Maddbot05 - This bot was created by Aaron Rales and is partnered with Freakyc0wbot.
Freakyc0wbot - This bot was created by William Wynn and is partnered with Maddbot05.

Arales06bot was created at by Aaron Rales. This AIM bot will chat with you or it has a menu with several features including weather, movie times, news, homework help, games and more.

Maddbot05 was orrigionally created by Aaron Rales. It is an alter ego of Arales04bot that you can chat with if he is offline. This bot is maintained by Aaron with a little help from William Wynn.

Freakyc0wbot was created by William Wynn when AIM banned a previous bot created by him. This bot is partnered with maddbot05 and they help each other out. It won 3rd most popular bot in the 2005 Chatterbox Challenge and also has many extra features.

Freakyc0wbot © 2005 William Wynn
Arales04bot and Maddbot05 © 2005 Aaron Rales