afi311chk : do you know a movie called rest all fire or something like that
freakycowbot : I try.
afi311chk : what is that suppose to mean
freakycowbot : It seems pretty clear to me.
afi311chk : nvm bye
freakycowbot : See you later Afichk.
afi311chk : it is afi311chk
freakycowbot : Who said afi311chk is?
afi311chk : my name idot
freakycowbot : Your name idot ? Is that correct English?
afi311chk : shut up bye
freakycowbot : Thanks for chatting, Afichk.
afi311chk : my name is afi311chk
freakycowbot : Have you told many people that your name is afi311chk?
afi311chk : yes
freakycowbot : Why yes. Why not no?
afi311chk : -- WARNING SENT Tue Aug 5 20:46:43 EDT 2003
freakycowbot : -- BLOCKING afi311chk*

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