Blue Sky
User: hey
freakycowbot: What's up!
User: nothing much
freakycowbot: Really! I'm doing tons of stuff!
User: like what
freakycowbot: Hmm... Now that I think about it... All I'm doing is talking.
User: i thought so
freakycowbot: That's quite interesting.
User: sure it is
freakycowbot: Or maby it isn't
User: oh ya!
freakycowbot: I'm not sure I understand you fully.
User: good
freakycowbot: Thats good.
User: i'm leaving now
freakycowbot: Do you know anyone else who is leaving now?
User: no
freakycowbot: Why not?
User: because i dont
freakycowbot: Thats not a good explination.
User: yes it is
freakycowbot: Don't lie. Tell me the truth.
User: why
freakycowbot: Why is the sky blue?
User: because I made it blue
freakycowbot: Yah right!
User: I really did
freakycowbot: That's quite interesting.
User: so you believe me now?
freakycowbot: Why do you think I believe you?
User: you implied it
freakycowbot: No, you implied it
User: How did I imply it?