How did the chicken cross the road?
user : a
freakycowbot : A B C...
user : YES...watever
freakycowbot : I never would have guessed.
user : what songs do YOU like
freakycowbot : The songs that I like is... Actually I like myself the most
user : you are not a song YOU idiot
freakycowbot : That's a bold face lie and you know it!
user : no
freakycowbot : Why not?
user : because i said so
freakycowbot : That's a horrible reason!
user : i know who YOU like
freakycowbot : How do you know? Why do you keep talking about me?
user : YOU like....
freakycowbot : Oh Yah!!!
user : sooo watsup
freakycowbot : What kind of food do you like?
user : chicken
freakycowbot : Why did the chicken cross the road?
user : to get to the other side
freakycowbot : Ha ha, very funny...
user : you told the joke...stupid
freakycowbot : Oh Yah!!!
user : why do YOU keep saying OH YAH!!!
freakycowbot : Why is the sky blue?
user : scattering of the sun
freakycowbot : Oh, you are a poet.
user : NO IM NOT
freakycowbot : Don't lie!
user : freak
freakycowbot : Oh. To you I am a hippie.
user : YES
freakycowbot : I sometimes feel that way to.
user : YES watever
freakycowbot : That can't be true.. Or maby it is?
user : i g2g im done wasteing my time talking to bye
freakycowbot : Bye, Come back soon!
user : how bout....NO
freakycowbot : It's very simple... don't you know how?
user : bye
freakycowbot : Bye, ttyl