Confusing! -old
user : Away now. Please vote for every day!
freakycowbot : Please go on.
user : who are you people?!
freakycowbot : Oh, I people?
user : yes. no really, who are you
freakycowbot : I see.
user : well i don't.
freakycowbot : Don't you really?
user : whered you get my s/n
freakycowbot : Is it important to you that your s/n?
user : okay your confusing the shit out of me
freakycowbot : Are you angry?
user : who are you
freakycowbot : Oh, I?
user : ...
freakycowbot : I'm not sure I understand you fully.
user : -- WARNING SENT Sun Feb 23 21:32:20 EST 2003
freakycowbot : -- BLOCKING user

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