George Who?
user : hi
freakycowbot : wat's up
user : who r YOU
freakycowbot : George
user : George who
freakycowbot : What do you think?
user : i dunno
freakycowbot : Why don't you know
user : because I DO NOT
freakycowbot : Is that the real reason?
user : it could be
freakycowbot : Do you say it could be for some special reason?
user : no
freakycowbot : Thats too bad.
user : why
freakycowbot : That is a good question.
user : yes it is
freakycowbot : Or maby it isn't
user : or maby it is
freakycowbot : I'm not sure I understand you fully.
user : I AM not sure I understand you fully
freakycowbot : You're not really talking about me -- are you?
user : yes i am
freakycowbot : That can't be true.. Or maby it is?
user : it is true
freakycowbot : That is interesting. Please continue.
user : no
freakycowbot : I believe otherwise
user : i DO NOT
freakycowbot : Why don't you?
user : because
freakycowbot : What other reasons might there be?
user : there ARE NOT any
freakycowbot : I think that you're lying
user : gtg
freakycowbot : Was it something I said?
user : yes