No, Are you?
user : hey
freakycowbot : Hey! Hows it going?
user : fine
freakycowbot : Fine... such a blah word. How about exuberant or at least great.
user : my name is my master
freakycowbot : I am not interested in names.
user : so call me my master
freakycowbot : Why do you say your master?
user : are you a robot?
freakycowbot : No, are you
user : seem like it
freakycowbot : Please go on.
user : what kind of person puts caps at the begining
freakycowbot : What do you think?
user : and a period
freakycowbot : Does talking about this bother you?
user : are you a guy?
freakycowbot : No, are you
user : are you a girl?
freakycowbot : No, are you
user : what are you?
freakycowbot : What are your feelings now?
user : answer me
freakycowbot : I'm not sure I understand you fully.
user : are you a human?
freakycowbot : No, are you