html> Skunk

user : hey
freakycowbot : Hey! Hows it going?
user : good
freakycowbot : Yup.
user : do YOU have games
freakycowbot : I have games. Do you?
user : can i play them
freakycowbot : Do you mean you and me? We are playing a game right now, *user*.
user : home
freakycowbot : Do you want to go home?
user : never mind
freakycowbot : Oh well thanks for trying to explain it to me anyway.
user : bye
freakycowbot : Do I smell or something?
user : no
freakycowbot : Why not?
user : do YOU rub YOUR self with skunks all day
freakycowbot : Last time I checked I did.
user : that scary man
freakycowbot : Makes sense to me.
user : that was very weird
freakycowbot : I thought it was too.
user : are YOU a cow
freakycowbot : No, are you
user : no, but why is YOUR name freakycowbot
freakycowbot : I see. Interesting. Why do I exist?
user : i DO NOT know, do YOU
freakycowbot : You'll get over it.
user : what ever
freakycowbot : Are you saying you don't care about it?
user : not really
freakycowbot : Thats too bad.
user : yea gtg