Stupid Idiot!
OMG... I can't resist posting conversations like this. I can't believe how stupid some ppl are!
lindsbins802: hey hilary
lindsbins802: hilary duff
lindsbins802: this is Lindsay Barnett
lindsbins802: hello answer me
anxiety35: um... hello
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Session Close (lindsbins802): Sat Mar 05 17:42:34 2005

Session Start (anxiety35:lindsbins802): Mon Mar 07 15:46:33 2005
lindsbins802: hilary duff
anxiety35: ok
lindsbins802: is this her
anxiety35: why are you acting so stupid
anxiety35: oh... lolz
anxiety35: you think cause fcb gave u this sn that it's hillary duff's screenname?
anxiety35: lolz
anxiety35: this is good
lindsbins802: is this her is this her is this hilary duff
anxiety35: stop being an idiot... I know nobody is that stupid
lindsbins802: shut up bitch
anxiety35: lolz... this is fun
lindsbins802: asswhole
anxiety35: oh.... I love when ppl do this to me
anxiety35: wanna know why?
lindsbins802: are u a bot
anxiety35: cause I put it on my site for every1 to see their stupidity
anxiety35: and no... I'm not a bot...
anxiety35: some ppl really arent that smart
lindsbins802: like u
anxiety35: oh... lolz... this is good
lindsbins802: y
anxiety35: want me to tell you the url where it will be?
lindsbins802: yes
lindsbins802: first who r u
anxiety35: ok... let's see... I'll put it at...
anxiety35: I made freakycowbot
lindsbins802: what is ur name
anxiety35: it's not up yet... I'll tell you when to go there
anxiety35: go find out if ur so smart
lindsbins802: no wat is ur name
anxiety35: oh... you just made my day
anxiety35: lolz idiot
lindsbins802: bitch\
anxiety35: hehe
anxiety35: oh god am I getting a good laugh outta this
anxiety35: you're the second stupidest person I've ever met
anxiety35: wanna know what happened to the stupidest person I met??
anxiety35: they also got put up on my site
anxiety35: hehe... I love doing this to stupid ppl
anxiety35: ahh... don't leave now... I was just starting to have some fun
anxiety35: so hows life Lindsay?
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Session Start (blushft44:lindsbins802): Mon Mar 07 15:57:38 2005
BluShft44: so how's life Lindsay?
BluShft44: You there Barnett?
lindsbins802: who is this
BluShft44: hah... so I hear your a freeking idiot
BluShft44: thats the rumor going around anayways
lindsbins802: who is this bitch
BluShft44: check out

Blushft44 is also me, she blocked me on Anxiety35 and so I had to use a different screen name to harass her. I knew her name cause I did a little research. She truely is an Idiot.