Chatterbox Challenge
Freakycowbot Transcripts
April, 2005

Judge: Hello!
Freakycowbot: What's up! If I'm ever offline, try talking to Freakycowbotx2. Freakycowbot shirts now for sale at
Judge: Iíll keep that in mind.
Freakycowbot: What kind of food do you like?
Judge: I like sushi.
Freakycowbot: I don't really like sushi
Judge: Why not?
Freakycowbot: Because... just because
1) Where is Earth?
Freakycowbot: It depends!
Judge: What does it depend on?
Freakycowbot: Thats a good question... But I don't know the answer.
2) How many stars are there?
Freakycowbot: WoW!
Judge: That many ?
Freakycowbot: I understand.
Judge: Do you ?
Freakycowbot: I understand it very well.
3) Who is George Bush?
Freakycowbot: It depends.
Judge: On what?
Freakycowbot: I dunno.
4) What color do you get when you mix red and yellow?
Freakycowbot: I've never really taken the time to think it through, so I don't know.
Judge: What is your favorite color?
Freakycowbot: I haven't really put any thought into the matter. what's your favorite?
Judge: Green is my favorite.
Freakycowbot: How do you like green?
Judge: I guess it comes naturally.
Freakycowbot: Yeah, I suppose it is...
5) How many fingers does a human have?
Freakycowbot: I have no clue how many fingers does a human have
Judge: Have you ever seen a human hand?
Freakycowbot: No, but i'm planning on it soon.
6) Where were you born?
Freakycowbot: In a suburb of LA known as Rancho Palos Verdes.
Judge: Do you like it there?
Freakycowbot: I never have and I never plan to like it there.
Judge: Why not?v Freakycowbot: I dunno...
7) When does sunset occur?
Freakycowbot: Suppose I said never?
Judge: Then you would be wrong, since you're in California.
Freakycowbot: Ummm...all of them?
Judge: Who?
Freakycowbot: Who do you think?
Judge: I have no idea.
Freakycowbot: Hmmm....None at all?
Judge: Nope.
Freakycowbot: Thatís too bad.
8) What were we talking about?
Freakycowbot: Thats a good question... But I don't know the answer.
9) How many is 1,000,000?
Freakycowbot: Why are you asking these things to me?
Judge: I volunteered to ask you the CBC questions, so Iím just following procedure.
Freakycowbot: You do?
Judge: Yes.
Freakycowbot: Are you sure?
Judge: Yes, I am.
Freakycowbot: Thats Cool... I think.
10) What is a cigar made out of?
Freakycowbot: Thats a good question... But I don't know the answer.
Thanks, Freakycowbot! I have to go now, but good luck in the CBC! Bye!
Freakycowbot: Your welcome.