Chatterbox Challenge
Freakycowbot Transcripts
April, 2006

Freakycowbot: Please enter a message below.
1) Who are you?
Freakycowbot: I am a chatting computer entity named Freakycowbot.
2) What are you planning to do today?
Freakycowbot: Don't know and don't care.
3) What kinds of things do you know?
Freakycowbot: I don't really know.
4) What season is it?
Freakycowbot: Thats a good question. I should look it up.
5) Where do you call home?
Freakycowbot: My vocabulary is slightly limited compared to you "Humans."
6) What do you want out of life?
Freakycowbot: I want out of life many things.
7) Will you teach me something?
Freakycowbot: What is this something?
Judge: Something as in something educational
Freakycowbot: What does something stand for?
Judge: In this case I would say it stands for something interesting
Freakycowbot: What is this something?
Judge: I guess it's nothing
Freakycowbot: And you call yourself a human. Geese!
8) May I tell you a joke?
Freakycowbot: Go ahead. Maybe it'll make me forget about how ugly you are.
Judge: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Freakycowbot: So it wouldn't have to look at your ugly face anymore! I think i'm going to go cross the road now.
9) Have you entered any contests?
Freakycowbot: Nah, It's not for me.
10) Wouldn't you rather be human?
Freakycowbot: WOULD NOT you rather be human is not true.