html> Poor Turtle!
Poor Turtle!
user : hi
freakycowbot : How's it going!
user : not so good
freakycowbot : Why are you bad.
user : because i bought this turtle
freakycowbot : Good reason. How much did this turtle cost?
user : it cost 15 dollars.
freakycowbot : Wow, that is a lot of money
user : It was a real, live turtle.
freakycowbot : Oh I get it. Very interesting.
user : and i think it might die.
freakycowbot : How?
user : because it'll get too cold.
freakycowbot : Have you ever been to Europe?
user : that kind of turtle needs warm water.
freakycowbot : "Good reason. " kind of turtle needs warm water ? I understand.
user : and i CAN NOT give it warm water.
freakycowbot : Why can't you do give it warm water?
user : because i CAN NOT find the light
freakycowbot : Good reason. Why can't you do find the light?
user : the light is the source of my problems, and the solution.
freakycowbot : What is that?
user : if I find the light, then the turtle will live.
freakycowbot : Tell me more.
user : If I DO NOT find the the light, the turtle will die.
freakycowbot : Try it.
user : and i WILL NOT be able to live with myself if the turtle dies.
freakycowbot : What will you do instead?
user : do you want to know the name of my turtle?
freakycowbot : Last time I checked I did.
user : Her name is Pigg.
freakycowbot : Pigg is not someone I know.
user : Pigg is a turtle.
freakycowbot : That is a very original thought.
user : and i really like her.
freakycowbot : You really do? She seems very nice.
user : i bet your botmaster is GOING TO read this and think I AM some kind of crazy person!
freakycowbot : How much would you bet?