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Session Start (AIM - anxiety35:Lovergirl5543): Wed May 26 09:26:24 2004
Lovergirl5543: Hi, how did u create FreakyCoxBot??????
anxiety35: yah
Lovergirl5543: i said HOW did u?
anxiety35: lolz heh
anxiety35: (Link:
Lovergirl5543: o, he talks different then those ones do!
anxiety35: casue I spent so much time programming him to be diff.
Lovergirl5543: ooo
Lovergirl5543: cool
Lovergirl5543: can you make me one?
Lovergirl5543: ?
anxiety35: yah... but I cant run it for you
Lovergirl5543: ok...
anxiety35: i run it on an old comp... and it crashes if its running more then 2 or the rab programs
anxiety35: regester a sn
anxiety35: and tell me it and its password and I'll make it
Lovergirl5543: NO!
Lovergirl5543: You will steal my screen name!
Lovergirl5543: SCAMMER!!
anxiety35: i need it to make it
anxiety35: geese
Lovergirl5543: well, sorry
anxiety35: i dont need any more sn's
Lovergirl5543: i don't need one then
anxiety35: you can download my bots brains on my website
*** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on
Session Close (Lovergirl5543): Wed May 26 09:32:04 2004

Second Time I taked with person – 4 days later - I did not know it was the same person at first.

Session Start (AIM - anxiety35:Lovergirl5543): Sun May 30 18:54:46 2004
Lovergirl5543: Hi, can you tell me freakycowbot, or freakycowbotx2's password real quick? I wanna see how it's like.
Lovergirl5543: hello?
Lovergirl5543: ?
anxiety35: ?
anxiety35: wat doyou mean password?
Lovergirl5543: the password of there IM, so i can go on there name real quick!
Lovergirl5543: lol
Lovergirl5543: DUHH!
anxiety35: y would I let you on their IM
Lovergirl5543: just to see how it's like? I mean, you have 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anxiety35: I dont want any1 stealing their sn's
Lovergirl5543: i wont, i just wanna go on it real quick, i don't even know how to change a password on AIM
anxiety35: I'm not just gunna let some1 I dont know have my password
Lovergirl5543: DUHH!
Lovergirl5543: fine!
Lovergirl5543: >:o
anxiety35: fine with me
Session Close (Lovergirl5543): Sun May 30 18:58:01 2004

Session Start (AIM - anxiety35:Lovergirl5543): Sun May 30 18:58:05 2004
Lovergirl5543: NOT fine with me!
anxiety35: lolz... I don care
Session Close (Lovergirl5543): Sun May 30 18:58:14 2004

Session Start (AIM - anxiety35:Lovergirl5543): Sun May 30 18:58:28 2004
Lovergirl5543: you are just a RUDE bastard
anxiety35: sry I dont like ppl stealing things I spent time on
anxiety35: ok... lets put u in my shoes
Lovergirl5543: huh? :-\
anxiety35: If you spent hours and hours on something... and a complete stranger asked acces to it would you give it?
Lovergirl5543: yes, if they said they were gonna try it!!!
Lovergirl5543: not steal it
anxiety35: lolz...
anxiety35: and how r u supposed to know they arent lying
Lovergirl5543: Now... did u say "CAN I STEAL YOUR ROBOT?"
anxiety35: lolz... no1 would say that
anxiety35: they would act like you and then jus=t take it
Lovergirl5543: I am only 10, so thats why!
anxiety35: you could still take it
Lovergirl5543: i don't know how!
anxiety35: how Am i supposed to know that
anxiety35: trust your word.... some1 I dont even know
Lovergirl5543: I swear to god, and if i lie, god will make me go to hell
anxiety35: I wouldnt even give it to a friend
Lovergirl5543: so i'm not lieing
anxiety35: you can swear all you want... im not giving you the password
Lovergirl5543: i will give you my robot LindseyBot, if you let me JUST TRY freakycowbotx2!
anxiety35: now dats a blatent lie
Lovergirl5543: fine!
Lovergirl5543: don't believe me
anxiety35: if dats ur bot... then you know what it's like
anxiety35: I don't see that bot online right now
Lovergirl5543: it is LindseyBot999, and it isn't online, and i made it go offline
Lovergirl5543: and it is from a different programming
Lovergirl5543: so HA! thake them apples
anxiety35: im checking it out right now
Lovergirl5543: it isn't ONLINE
Lovergirl5543: i just sid
anxiety35: im searching the net
Lovergirl5543: *said
Lovergirl5543: fine
Lovergirl5543: you won't find the site, because it is from a weird named site
anxiety35: (Link:
Lovergirl5543: whats that?
anxiety35: i dunno... some site with lindsybot on it
Lovergirl5543: it is??
anxiety35: but it only has a pic of some guy
Lovergirl5543: I said LINDSEYBOT999
Lovergirl5543: that isn't mine
anxiety35: shoulda said before
Lovergirl5543: not Lindsy Lindsey
Lovergirl5543: i did
anxiety35: no you didnt
Lovergirl5543: i said LindseyBot999
anxiety35: I have this whole conversation logged if u want proof
Lovergirl5543: well i said Lindseybot
anxiety35: i mistyped
anxiety35: and left out the e
anxiety35: I dont see anything named lindseybot999 anywhere on the net
Lovergirl5543: omg
Lovergirl5543: i made it
Lovergirl5543: with this program
anxiety35: ok... I need proof
Lovergirl5543: it isn't on any of those bots sitets
Lovergirl5543: i made a site to make em
Lovergirl5543: *'e,
Lovergirl5543: **'em
anxiety35: i dunno y im even doing this
anxiety35: im not giving u FCB's password anyways
Lovergirl5543: doing what?
anxiety35: I just wanted to see if ur a total fake
anxiety35: which for all I know you are
Lovergirl5543: omg
Lovergirl5543: i am only 10
anxiety35: sooo
Lovergirl5543: i don't know any better
anxiety35: if u didnt know any better u wouldnt say that
Lovergirl5543: whatever
Session Close (Lovergirl5543): Sun May 30 19:10:14 2004

Session Start (AIM - anxiety35:Lovergirl5543): Sun May 30 19:11:03 2004
Lovergirl5543: i JUST turned 10 2 days ago, so don't be mean, or i will tell my mommy to report you to a society of Cruelty to Children who are young
anxiety35: lolz
anxiety35: omfg
anxiety35: this is funny
anxiety35: imma put this on my site
Lovergirl5543: i will
anxiety35: lolz
anxiety35: do it
anxiety35: see if I care
Lovergirl5543: put what?
Lovergirl5543: out what?
anxiety35: this conversation with you
Lovergirl5543: what is your site?
Lovergirl5543: ?
Lovergirl5543: ?
anxiety35: (Link:
Lovergirl5543: ok
anxiety35: go there in a few days and you'll see it
Lovergirl5543: see if i care
Lovergirl5543: lets start over
Lovergirl5543: no, do it tonight
anxiety35: ok
anxiety35: imma do it now... lolz its so funny
anxiety35: some1 tryn to scam me outta a popular sn
anxiety35: how did you get my sn?? if you didnt go to the site?

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TheInvasion Team

Reactions to this scamming idiot

responce1: lolz
responce1: flaming idiot
responce1: lol
anxiety35: yup yup yup
responce1: lol
responce1: so funny tho
responce1: ok
anxiety35: i was cracking up soo hard while talkind to her
responce1: lol i can imagine
responce1: lol

responce2: im only 10
anxiety35: lolz

responce3: lol
responce3: thats so hilarious
Anxiety35: yah...
responce3: i wouldve started calling CIA or whatnot and calling to identify this biotch
Anxiety35: heh
Anxiety35: lolz
responce3: dude, she like contradicts what she says
responce3: first, she asks u to see what it's like
responce3: and she says she'll give you her p-word for HER bot
responce3: clearly indicating she knows how to make a bot

responce4: lol
responce4: she is just dumb
Anxiety35: yah

responce5: lol
responce5: that girl must be retarded or something
anxiety35: lolz... yah
responce5: jeez
responce5: askin for the password
anxiety35: i know
responce5: how obvious could she get
anxiety35: does she actually think she'll get it???
responce5: omg dude this girl is sooooo stupid

responce6: "can i have the pass word to freaky cowbot???"
anxiety35: heh
responce6: :-D
anxiety35: I just don't get some people
responce6: she was fucked up man
anxiety35: no kidding
responce6: i saw that convo
responce6: it was halarius
anxiety35: lolz... it's just sad
responce6: she was so obvius to man
anxiety35: yea

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