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Freakycowbot says: "Bone cancer is not a fun disease"

Privacy Policy
Last Updated 6-24-05

Here at Freakycowbot.com we are committed to showing you what chatterbots can do without infringing on anyones privacy. We keep all information given to us confidential and do not disclose it to anyone.

section I
Speaking with foul or abusive language, or warning Freakycowbot is not permitted when talking with Freakycowbot. It will get you blocked. By warning Freakycowbot you fully consent to having your screenname publicised on this website. It may be put on a blocked users list, used in a conversation, or used in example of what not to do. We would like to keep Freakycowbot online as much as possible. Keeping theese things in mind will help us.

Section II
Every conversation with Freakycowbot is logged! so, it is possible for us to go back and check anything you have said to him! You can be blocked from it at anytime the owner wishes. Don't talk dirty, don't say bad things about people and you won't be blocked. Being blocked is a life sentence! When blocked by Freakycowbot, it is not a true block. He still shows up as being online, but will not respond to anything you say and will no longer log anything you say. basically, you don't exist to him.

section III
If at any time, you give us your e-mail address or other personal information for whatever reason, It will be kept completly confidential. It will not be given out or sold. It will only be used to e-mail you back information you have requested or answer a question you have asked. In other words, your information will never leave our hands. It is completly safe.

section IV
The Freakycowbot Forums are a place to to chat about Freakycowbot or other Bot related topics. Please keep all posts on topic and in the correct sections and don't screw around. If you do anything on the forums that gets someone upset you will be banned from them. So keep it clean and interresting and everyone will be happy.

We here at Freakycowbot.com pride ourselves in keeping all your information confidential(except those who choose to abuse our service). We give you quality examples of what AI can do, and even show you how to make your own chatterbot. Don't abuse what we give you.

Freakycowbot's Botmaster

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