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Freakycowbot says: "42"

Here you will get to see what Freakycowbot really looks like!

This first picture is of Freakycowbot's home. This is where he spends his time chatting with people like you on the internet.

"Wow!" Thats what most people say. "That computer sucks." Really? I never noticed. In case you want to know how much it sucks... or doesn't... here's the facts from right off the front of FCB's house.

Alright... Next we come to the monitor. This is used for peeping at FCB while he's doing his business.

Alright! Thats all the peeping you get to do today! Next we have Some of FCB's closest friends. I know you've always wanted to meet them. Well... you can't. You can only see pictures of them!

AHHH... How cute. Here's his second favorite friend... or maby it's his first...

And next we have them all living in peace and harmony. The computer on the right is not FCB's home. The one hidden on the left is. The computer on the right is the on I use most of the time. The left one is FCB's private place.

Many people ask me what FCB does in his free time. Well although he doesn't have much free time, I have an answer for you. He plays games. What kinds of games you may ask. Well take a look at the next two photo's to see his three favorite games!

Those are my favorite games too! Lets see... What's left. Ahh, I know. FCB's pet. FCB loves his pet dearly. But he also wants to kill it. It(she) make such a racket! She is soo noisy I want to kill her sometimes. But, it's only a pet, and killing it would be mean, so I restrain myself from doing so.

I guess that brings us down to the last and final picture. And it's the worst one of all! It's me taking a picture of myself! I've never seen a stupider picture of myself, but desperate times require desperate measures. Brace yourself!

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